… upholstered furniture
… upholstered furniture

Flow & Show Upholstery Collection

We welcome the new Flow&Show Upholstery Collection. It is a documentation with a total of 11 samples of fabrics, and that will be useful for all our product.

The Flow & Show Upholstery Collection consists of the following fabrics:

Serie A: Mink, Senna, Freedom and Málaga
Serie B: Bronx, Mistral / Levante, Tuk, Ambar and Jade
Serie C: Asia (linen + cotton) and Pretenciosa
Serie D: Kendo (linen + cotton)
Serie E: Turin (linen)

We hope this new material will be very useful, and you will enjoy this selection of fabrics.

If you have any questions, contact us. Thank you

FLOWandSHOW tapizados